Paper Fan

Paper Fan Swap
Paper fan I made , using paper, ribbons, lace and rhinestones.

Leque de papel, feito com papel, fitas,renda e pedrarias.


"Pomponette"( full view)

Papier- maché doll , 18th century inspired.


Papier-maché doll, inspired in Madame de Pompadour.
(Mme de Pompadour's nickname)


"Mme de Pompadour"

Paper doll, mixed media,18 th century inspired.

"Mme de Pompadour"

Paper doll, 18 th century inspired.Collage using ribbons,glitter and rhinestones.

"Marie Antoinette"

Paper doll

"Mme de Montespan"

Altered paper doll, using embellishments like lace, rhinestones,etc..